The National Council on Readiness and Preparedness (NCORP) was formed in response to the finding of the 5th and final report of the Gilmore Commission that America's homeland security required the private and community sectors to be involved in preparing communities for the first 72 hours of a crisis.  Recent disasters such as Katrina illustrate how community survival and recovery depend upon the efforts and coordination of the citizens, organizations and businesses before, during and after disaster.  Public and private sector leaders working in partnership to educate and train citizens about their role in responding to a disater should be a national priority.
Today, America's domestic preparedness must be measured by the ability of its communities to respond during the first hours of crisis. NCORP was formed to help develop ways of multiplying the public sector response capability by leveraging the assets of the private and community sectors. Since all first response is local response, it is critical to America's domestic security that each and every community be prepared to respond, on its own without outside help, for 72 hours or even more. Through the ReadyAmerica Initiative, NCORP had helped develop the National Blueprint for Secure Communities, an ever-changing and dynamic document written by community stakeholders to serve as a place where best practices, good ideas and tools can be shared between sectors and communities.
Years after the tragic attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and after much debate and discussion on homeland security, America's communities are still trying to prepare for the first 72 hours. Working with public and private leaders, NCORP goal is to help community leaders use the National Blueprint to prepare for any terrorist attack or natural catastrophe.

Working with the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, NCORP is developing recommendations that help coordinate private sector assets with local, state and federal first responders through best practices that can help guide response to a disaster including: Education; Containment; Health Care; Surge Capacity; Infrastructure; Training; Technology; and Communications.
NCORP participates in the National Congress on Secure Communities, a national gathering of elected officials, first responders, business and community leaders to promote the Ready America initiative and to advocate policy recommendations that help communities prepare to respond during the first 72 hours of crisis.