NCORP Commissions The National Task Force on Community Preparedness and Response

AD | 09.27.2005 | 13:26:0811762 |

The National Task Force on Community Preparedness and Response has been commissioned to immediately help communities prepare for terrorist threats and incidents of mass casualty and destruction. The Task Force continues the Gilmore Commission recommendation that the private sector and citizens must play a critical role in community preparedness and response to ensure that America’s homeland will be prepared and capable to respond. The appointed members of the Task Force will represent key community sectors essential to overall national preparedness and response.

The Advisory Committee to the Task Force will be comprised of community leaders who represent those same key sectors, and serve as a valuable, in-depth resource for the Task Force members in developing a leadership, communication and resource network that will prepare and ready communities for threat or crisis. The Advisory Committee will be represented by a broad cross-section of responders, business owners, pastors, community organizations, elected officials, sheriffs, mayors, fire chiefs, police chiefs, EMS directors, government representatives and private citizens.  The formation meeting of the Advisory Committee will be held in Washington, D.C. on November 16th, 2005.