Southwestern Regional Meeting in Galveston, TX January 18, 2007

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The Southwestern Regional Meeting of the NCORP Advisory Council will be held in Galveston, Texas on January 18, 2007 hosted by NCORP and Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas and City Council of the City of Galveston. Co-hosts include Galveston County, the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, the University of Texas Medical Branch, the Port of Galveston and the Galveston Chamber of Commerce.  This Southwestern Regional meeting is open to members of the business community, responders, academicians, faith-based and relief-based organizations who are encouraged to attend. 

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This meeting of the NCORP Advisory Committee will focus on the Galveston evacuation model as a best practice for the National Blueprint. Sessions on evacuation, port continuity, and special needs will be facilitated by local subject matter experts to describe this best practice. National Blueprint Best Practice Award Ceremony on January 18th will recognize this best practice.

The National Blueprint is a real-time resource of readiness best practices for all communities and will be showcased at NCORP's National Congress in Washington, DC in February 2007.


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4. Event Location & Parking: Galveston Island Convention Center, located at 5600 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston, Texas, overlooking the ocean.


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For registration inquiries, contact Ms. Roberts via or fax 804-228-4501. For program or sponsorship inquiries, please call Ms. Wyatt at 703-399-6929.

We would like to thank the following organizations for their generous in-kind contributions to the Southwestern Regional Conference: American National Life Insurance Company and DRC Emergency Services.

The National Council on Readiness and Preparedness (NCORP) has asked the city of Galveston to host a working meeting with key community leaders on January 18, 2007 to develop a model of Mayor Thomas' Citizen Response Teams/Special Needs Evacuation that has been designated by NCORP as a community best practice during the first 72 hours of crisis.

Outlined during Mayor Thomas' address at the Kennedy School of Government in March of 2006, the Citizen Response Teams (CRT) concept integrated public and private/community sector assets, personnel and volunteers in one coordinated and cohesive initiative that allowed neighborhood canvassas to evacuate all Galveston residents ahead of Hurricane Rita in 2005.
Since then, the city of Galveston independently negotiated a point-to-point interlocal agreement with the City of Austin assuring a pre-determined evacuation destination specifically for the Island's special needs population. This agreement has become the model for cities along the Texas Gulf. NCORP is requesting that the Galveston community to gather for a working meeting the morning of January 18th to develop a CRT/Special Needs Evacuation description for inclusion in the National Blueprint, to be highlighted at the National Congress for Secure Communities in Washington, DC on February 22/23, 2007.
The Galveston Working Group (GWG) will outline the major structure and procedures of CRT/SNE which can then be adapted by other cities. The program for the GWG will include a brief opening session led by Mayor Thomas and Governor Gilmore, followed by a short community/press briefing and award ceremony, ending with a working session and box lunch at the University of Texas - Medical Branch. Other co-hosts include the Economic Development Committee, UTMB, the Coast Guard, the Port of Galveston and key Galveston civic and business organizations.
The GWG will continue to develop the model after the session in consultation with the Kennedy School of Government and NCORP.